Marma Therapy

Coming soon to Alexandria, Virginia

Susan is getting ready to move from St. Paul, MN to Alexandria, VA. No new appointments are being scheduled in St. Paul. Online appointments for Ayurveda, yoga therapy, and distance Reiki are available starting June 17. In-person appointments will begin as soon as possible after that. Thank you for your patience. Please get in touch with any questions.

Marma therapy uses energy pathways for healing the body, mind, and spirit. It is a hands-on healing modality based on ancient wisdom regarding sensitive areas, or "marma" points, of the body. Marma points bear a striking resemblance to acupuncture points used in Chinese medicine. Indeed, ancient Ayurvedic texts detailed the use of needles at marma points. Modern marma practice, however, uses pressure from the fingertips to stimulate the point, rather than needles.

Marma acupressure can be used to promote health and longevity, provide deep relaxation, harmonize prana (life-force energy), balance the doshas, integrate body and mind, and treat various conditions. Fingertip pressure applied to marma points relaxes the body and mind, relieves congestion in the channels and tissues of the body, aids the flow of prana, and activates the chakras, without deep tissue work or needles. Marma can be especially beneficial for those seeking energy work or gentle yet effective bodywork. During a marma session, you will lie down on a comfortable massage mat or table, remaining clothed. Sessions can be designed for specific therapeutic purposes, and aromatherapy and tuning fork vibration can be included as appropriate. 

In addition to using marma points to work with the energetic body, Ayurvedic remedies include pranic healing, in which a pranic healer channels universal cosmic prana (energy) to the recipient. With her training and experience as a Reiki Master, Susan infuses her marma work with pranic healing energy, creating a potentially more powerful experience than either modality on its own. 

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"I am rather picky when I choose to open myseIf up to a new healer to receive energy work after having experienced work in the past from some incredible healers. I had my first marma therapy session with Susan and the results of the session definitely rates alongside those on my 'top-shelf'! I highly recommend Susan for her depth of experience and knowledge in this field."

E., Denver

Susan teaching marma healing to doulas at Ayurved Sadhana Vidyalaya.

Photo: Waghai Botanical Garden, Ambapada, India, by Susan Bernhardt, 3/2017