Reiki Trainings

Each of us, as part of our birthright as human beings, has the innate ability to do Reiki. Susan Bernhardt and Jon Bernhardt are Reiki Master Teachers. We offer trainings that will “turn on” your Reiki and teach you time-tested techniques to manage and guide your Reiki. Our in-depth classes include exploring a holistic model of well-being that gives you tools for your own healing and working with others on a healing path.

Reiki is an ancient and well-developed system that has been modified over time by enlightened practitioners all over the world. The tools and methods that are part of Reiki can be taught and learned. Both of us have studied with two Reiki Master Teachers in two different Reiki lineages, each with its own variations on the universal Reiki. In our trainings, we draw from both of our lineages and from our experience with classical yoga and other healing arts.

Every person is unique, making the way that each person learns Reiki equally unique. For this reason, we believe that Reiki is best learned in small groups in which the teachings can be tailored to the needs of each student. We limit class size to no more than eight students in any training. With two Reiki Master Teachers working with this small group, we are able to connect with each student as an individual. The luxury of two Master Teachers also provides our students with broader perspectives.

Reiki I provides an introduction to Reiki. You will learn the history and theory of Reiki. Reiki is energy, and an understanding of our energetic bodies is important to understand Reiki. You will learn standard hand positions that can be used to treat yourself and others. You will also learn intuitive techniques that you can use to guide your Reiki beyond the standard hand positions. Most important, you will receive two powerful attunements that will “turn on” your Reiki and get it flowing. We will practice giving Reiki to ourselves and to others. You will leave Reiki I with your Reiki flowing, confident in your ability to provide Reiki energy to yourself, friends, family, and pets.

Reiki II is for those who wish to be able to practice their Reiki with others. We will build on the foundation of Reiki I and teach additional tools and techniques that will greatly expand the power and scope of your Reiki. Further attunements will sharpen and refine the flow of your Reiki energy. We teach traditional Reiki symbols from the Raku Kei tradition that will further strengthen and empower your Reiki. These symbols and related techniques can be used to send Reiki to other times and places. You will also learn nuts and bolts of a Reiki practice. Our Reiki II students are well-equipped to hold themselves out to the public as Reiki Practitioners.

Your Reiki practice will be a living thing that constantly evolves and develops. We host a monthly Reiki Share that is an intrinsic part of our Reiki trainings. At the Reiki Shares, you will have an opportunity to join with the Reiki energy of our community, practice providing Reiki treatments to others, and have your Reiki questions answered. We learn as much from the Reiki Shares as the people who join us.

Reiki is fundamentally a spiritual practice. Your Reiki will become stronger, and your ability to direct it will grow, as your own personal practice deepens. Therefore, we will spend time each class meditating on the energy that is within and around us, and learning meditation and related techniques that you can incorporate into your own daily practice and your healing work with others.

We also offer Reiki Master Teacher Trainings, for people who have taken our first two levels or who have taken at least Reiki II with another Reiki Master Teacher.

Choosing the Right Reiki Training for You. Because Reiki is a spiritual practice, it is important that you have a rapport with and trust in your teacher. We invite you to contact us to meet with us, to schedule a Reiki session, or to visit our monthly Reiki Share. This will give you an opportunity to “test drive” our approach and determine if it is right for you.

Pricing. Reiki is a gift to us as humans, and should be shared by us. We, therefore, try to make our Reiki trainings accessible to all.

For more information about any of our trainings, please contact Susan at, 612.208.6289.

Just for today do not anger.

Just for today do not worry.

Earn your living honestly.

Give thanks to every living thing.

Be kind.

Essence Reiki Healing provides a unique opportunity to experience and train with two exceptional and gifted Reiki Masters, Jon and Susan. Their program and teaching styles encourage and support you as you explore and discover your own personal individual Reiki practice. I highly recommend Essence Reiki Healing for those searching for a Reiki training program which will inspire, balance and heal one's spirit.