Herbal Supplements

Ayurveda has an extensive materia medica, or body of knowledge regarding the healing properties of many herbs and other substances. Ayurveda counsels the use of herbs and spices in cooking to achieve specific results regarding digestion and other aspects of health. Through the ages, Ayurveda also compiled a vast store of knowledge about the use of herbal remedies. Herbs are viewed as having particular effects on the doshas, organs, tissues, and channels of the body.

In connection with Ayurveda consultations, Susan can recommend customized herbal formulas. Formulas may be taken internally, often with a carrier (anupana) such as honey, ghee, or aloe juice. In certain circumstances, herbs may be applied topically. Herbs also can be incorporated into oils, to be applied on the skin or, in some circumstances, as a "nasya" in the nose.

Susan keeps a wide range of herbs on hand and makes the formulas herself, so that each person receives a blend designed specifically for his or her needs, as has been the traditional Ayurvedic way. She also stocks a variety of Ayurvedic oils and custom-makes oils and nasyas to fit individuals' needs.

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