TC Session Preparation

Please review this information before your Tibetan Cranial® appointment.

Follow the instructions carefully to receive the most benefit from your session.

On the day of your TC session:

  • If you can, please avoid caffeine and any elective self-medications that can affect the nervous system, such as ibuprofen or aspirin. If you can wait until after your session before taking medications or having caffeine, you will receive more benefit. Don't skip caffeine if that would cause a headache. Do not skip any prescription medications without first checking with your doctor.

  • Please tell your Practitioner before the session if you have taken any medications.

  • Please do not eat right before the appointment.

  • Wear clothes that will allow you to be comfortable lying on an uncushioned wooden TC table. Sweat pants, leggings, yoga pants, athletic shorts, T-shirts, sweat shirts, or pajamas work well.

  • Do not wear jeans or any clothing with metal, including metal zippers or buttons.

  • Please do not wear pants with belt loops, turtlenecks, or shirts with hoods or tight necklines.

  • You will need to remove any metal that can come off, including under wire, jewelry, piercings, belts, and removable dental appliances.

  • Please do not hesitate to let your Practitioner know before your session if you have any questions or concerns.

During the session:

  • You will remain clothed during the session, except for shoes.

  • You will rest on your back on a specially designed TC table, with your legs on a bolster to keep your back comfortable.

  • At various times, your Practitioner will move to your head, wrists, or feet to assess pulses. Based on the pulses, the Practitioner will apply subtle touch to your head, face, mouth, jaw, and neck until optimum balance is achieved.

  • Lotion typically will be applied on the neck and jaw. Please tell your Practitioner in advance about any potential allergies or other concerns.

  • Traditionally, the Practitioner and the person receiving the work each say a mantra silently to themselves. If you are not familiar with mantra, your Practitioner will be happy to explain the practice and offer suggestions.

  • The session ends with a “seal” followed by a period of time of quiet relaxation.

  • Sessions last approximately 60 minutes.

After the Session:

  • Immediately after the session, you will need to take a short walk, for about 10 minutes, to integrate the work.

  • It is best to allow time afterward for relaxation.

  • You also will need to stay well hydrated for at least a day. Be sure to drink plenty of water, herbal tea, or juice.

  • Please check in with your Practitioner after 48 hours by phone or email.