Reiki - What To Expect

Every Reiki session is different, depending on what your individual needs are at that time and place. That said, there is, of course, a typical structure.

At the beginning of the session, we will sit down to discuss any concerns or objectives that you would like to share. You may have a physical problem that has been bothering you. Or you may be looking to calm and balance your emotions. It's also fine simply to ask for Reiki without sharing information. Then, remaining fully-clothed, you will lie down on the Reiki table. Although we often start face-up and sometimes remain there for the session, lying face down or on your side for some of all of the session also are possibilities. We can use bolsters, pillows, and blankets to make sure that you are comfortable, warm, and secure. If lying down isn't comfortable, we can work with you seated. Once you are settled in, I will typically scan over, above, and around you with my hands to observe any energy that is apparent. Often I will sense areas where the energy is active or stagnant.

I will then place my hands to focus energy where it appears to be needed. My hands may rest lightly on your body or they may be above the body, not touching. Some people prefer touch, some prefer no touch at all, and some have no preference. Any of these preferences is fine, and I will be glad to honor them. Most often, I will start with the head and work downward, finishing at the feet to provide grounding. Sometimes, to address an area of discomfort, the energy needs to be directed to other places on the body. The energy seems to have its own intelligence and goes to where you need it. I will stay in one place for a few minutes before moving on to the next place to treat.

Most often, recipients close their eyes, although that is not required. Typically, relaxation is advanced by not talking much during the session. On the other hand, if either of us has a question to ask or something to say, then by all means, please do. If there is anything I can do to make you more comfortable or ease any concerns at any point during the session, please let me know. I often play soft music during a session, but I'm equally happy to have silence if that is your preference.

To conclude the treatment, I will smooth the energy around you. I will then gently invite you to open your eyes and return to the room. If you like, we can chat about any issues that arose during the session. When you leave, it is best if you do not have any urgent tasks to rush to.

Different people react differently to a Reiki session. The Reiki will meet you where you are. Some people feel a sense of warmth or tingling near where my hands are placed. Some people do not notice anything specific, other than a general sense of relaxation and calmness. On occasion, people have emotions that arise during or after a session, sometimes resulting in a release of emotions and, when that happens, consistently feeling better for it. The Reiki may continue to work for hours or days after a session, and some people notice changes arising long after the session has ended.