Thai Massage

Coming soon to Alexandria, Virginia

Susan is getting ready to move from St. Paul, MN to Alexandria, VA. No new appointments are being scheduled in St. Paul. Online appointments for Ayurveda, yoga therapy, and distance Reiki are available starting June 17. In-person appointments will begin as soon as possible after that. Thank you for your patience. Please get in touch with any questions.

Thai massage is an ancient form of bodywork with deep roots in Ayurveda and yoga. Also known as Thai yoga massage and lazy man's yoga, Thai massage addresses the whole person through therapeutic techniques for muscles and connective tissues, stretching, energy work, acupressure, reflexology, and other methods, resulting in deep relaxation and healing.

Like western forms of massage, Thai massage aids relaxation, decreases stress, increases circulation, and releases tight muscles. Sessions can be therapeutic, targeting specific areas of pain or discomfort, or sessions can focus on overall relaxation. Also as in western massage, the depth of work can vary as desired, with techniques for deep tissue massage and myofascial release, as well as for gentler pressure.

Thai massage differs from western massage in several significant ways:

Susan recommends scheduling a 90-minute session. This length of time allows for both full body work that addresses the entire being as well as extra attention to specific areas of pain, tightness, or discomfort. A two-hour session can be even more effective. A 60-minute session or a 60-minute Thai foot reflexology massage, focusing solely on the feet and lower legs, also also are options. 

For your session, please wear comfortable exercise-type clothing and avoid eating immediately (or preferably two or more hours) before the session.

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"Susan is very knowledgeable and resourceful. She is skilled in Thai massage, Tibetan Cranial, Ayurveda and much more. She has helped me countless times with pain, especially neck pain and tightness. Her methods of practice are precise and purposeful, whether she is dealing with a soft tissue or gut health, she always explains to you what the plan of action is and why. I'm grateful for Susan as she has been a vital resource in my health and well-being."

-- S. 

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